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PTSD and EMDR Treatment in The Woodlands, TX

Sadly, trauma is a common occurrence today.  Military service, abuse, bullying and even accidental injury can all result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  If the trauma remains unresolved, a survivor may continue to experience intrusive thoughts, debilitating flashbacks or overwhelming emotions for months or even years.  Getting help from a competent professional may make the difference between remaining a victim and emerging as an overcomer.   My name is Anne M. Causey MA LPC and I strive to provide you with a secure and supportive environment where you can face your burdens from the past.

Freedom from Symptoms

Whether you went through a trauma 30 years ago or just last month, I understand that it takes courage to start down the path to healing and recovery.  Working together I will help you set a pace that is comfortable for you as we identify the underlying defenses and negative beliefs that have resulted from the trauma you experienced.   Using specialized, effective therapy techniques designed specifically for trauma recovery I am committed to helping you move beyond the memories and triggers of the past.

If you have experienced a trauma, please don’t suffer alone.  You deserve to be able to move forward in your life unhindered by the past.  Call my office in The Woodlands today if you would like to learn more about trauma recovery or to schedule an appointment.