Restoring Relationships and Building Families

The Woodlands, TX


Christian Therapy in The Woodlands, TX

Every therapist has their own set of personal values. This makes each one a unique individual and a unique counselor.  These values should never be imposed on clients in the process of therapy, but they are part of the foundation of every therapist. My name is Anne M. Causey MA LPC and I am a competent and ethical Christian therapist.  This means that my foundational spiritual values require that I treat every person with honor, compassion and mercy.  I understand the need to respect each individual’s beliefs and acknowledge their right and responsibility to make their own decisions for their lives.  I also integrate scientifically sound psychological principles and research in helping my clients.

Feeling Safe With Your Therapist

One of the keys to successful therapy for every person is finding the right therapist for you. You need to work with someone you can feel safe with and whose input and feedback you can trust.  For Christian believers, this often means seeking a skilled Christian therapist who shares your values and will view your desire to include God in the process of your therapy as a strength rather than a crutch.  I validate your desire to seek His will for your life and to make decisions that are in line with His values.  I will fight with you to save your marriage rather than suggest you move on to someone new.  I will pray with you for the healing and change you long for.

The Bottom Line Is Grace

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life and numerous different faiths. Many clients who did not seek Christian counseling have successfully completed therapy with me and expressed gratefulness for my respectfulness toward them despite our different foundational beliefs.  Regardless of your beliefs and faith, when we work together I become your ally to help you reach your goals.  Call my office in The Woodlands today to find out if I might be the perfect therapist for you.